The Indie Games Uprising Tribute promotion aims to highlight developers who started their career on Xbox Live Indie Games or gained something from publishing on the channel. XBLIG enabled many hobbyists who had no experience in game development to publish games, and in some instances pursue games as a career. XBLIG also attracted AAA veterans who could release their indie games with ease via the channel's straight forward publishing process. XBLIG changed a lot of lives, and many of us involved with the Uprising don't believe we'll see something quite this special again.

Below are developers who feel XBLIG paved the way for them to work on exciting new projects on platforms such as PC, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U. Check out their old school XBLIG games too and see where it all started!
Mattrified Games
Latest Game: Battle High 2 A+ (Xbox One / OUYA)
XBLIG Titles:
Battle High 2

Latest Game: hermitgames LP (PS4)
XBLIG Titles:
Leave Home

DigitalDNA Games
Latest Game: Savage Lands (Steam)
XBLIG Titles:
CastleMiner Z

Andy Dunn
Latest Game: Death Tractor (Steam)
XBLIG Titles:
Kissy Poo

Latest Game: FortressCraft Evolved (Steam)
XBLIG Titles:

Latest Game: Devastator (iOS)
XBLIG Titles:

Discord Games
Latest Game: Chasm (PS4)
XBLIG Titles:
Take Arms
48 Chambers

Michael Hicks
Latest Game: Pillar (PS4/Steam/XBLIG)
XBLIG Titles:
Honor in Vengeance II

Well Bred Rhino
Latest Game: Last Stitch Goodnight (PC)
XBLIG Titles:
All the Bad Parts

OnekSoft Games
Latest Game: Angry Zombie Ninja Cats (XBLIG)
XBLIG Titles:
2D Math Panic

CSR Studios
Latest Game: Dead Pixels II (Steam)
XBLIG Titles:
Dead Pixels

Chris Zukowski
Latest Game: Wizard Golf RPG (iOS)
XBLIG Titles:
City Tuesday

Xona Games
Latest Game: Score Rush Extended (PS4)
XBLIG Titles:
Score Rush
Decimation X3

"XBLIG was an amazing opportunity for everyone involved. It changed the industry and the way developers interacted with platform holders. I loved the camaraderie there as well in the community, it was truly unique and I already miss it."
- Nathan Fouts, Mommy's Best Games

"XBLIG was an amazing program that made us serious about making games, and put us on the path to where we are today!"
- James Petruzzi, Discord Games

"I learned how to program games thanks to the XNA community. It's cool to look back at forum posts I made at 14 asking for help and seeing how quick people were ready to jump in and help me. The things I learned from this community helped me graduate college, and inspired me to pursue indie games as a career. I'll never forget my 18th birthday; I was finally able to legally publish games on XBLIG!"
- Michael Hicks, MichaelArts

"The end result of my work with XNA/XBLIG ended up with a triple win: an MVP award from Microsoft, a mention in the Official Xbox Magazine and a job offer from Microsoft as a Senior Technical Evangelist."
- Shahed Chowdhuri, Microsoft Senior Technical Evangelist

"We released our very first commercial game 'Blocks That Matter' on XBLIG in May 2011. At this time, we were working in my dining room. We lost the apartment a few weeks before the release because the stairs of the building fell apart. Guillaume had to finish the game alone while I was looking for a new place to live in, and we couldn't find time to celebrate when the game was released. So, yeah, we will remember BTM and XBLIG for a long time :)

Few months later, we won Dream Build Play Challenge 2011 thanks to this game. And then the game was released on Steam, and in a Humble Bundle. It allowed us to keep making games for two years! XBLIG helped us to release a game on a console at a time when it was impossible to do it without a publisher."
- William and Guillaume from Swing Swing Submarine

"We won the very first and very last Dream Build Play and released a total of 62 games. We've moved on to Unity and PC but we'll always miss the freedom of XBLIG, something I preached time after time to developers who took XBLIG for granted. It was sad to not see it continue on to XB1. The games may have been of lesser quality than XBLA or Steam but no platform had more personality."
- David Flook, Silver Dollar Games

"This year, we landed on Steam with 3 of our 4 games: Miner Warfare, Doom & Destiny and its sequel Doom & Destiny Advanced, which was released on both PC and Mobile a few months ago, becoming one of the top selling RPGs on Google Play and Windows Phone, especially in Italy, our native country. During the launch week, it was the second top sold paid app on Google Play. All of this was possible thanks to the Summer Uprising and the confidence boost that came with that. Back then, we were only two Italian nerds who wanted to make video games and the Summer Uprising was like it said to us 'Hey, you're not that bad at it! Keep going!' "
- Francesco Ficarelli and Matteo Nicolotti, Heartbit Interactive

"My whole career started because I learned C# and XNA while a freshman in college. A couple years later and I moved across the country, eventually joining the XNA team, and producing a few XNA titles. We're about to ship our next game Polychromatic on Xbox One and Steam and I wouldn't be here if not for XNA and Xbox Live Indie Games. It's been a super fun ride."
- Nick Gravelyn, Brushfire Games

"XNA allowed me to become a twice-published author and Microsoft MVP, which led to speaking opportunities at code camps and visits to the Microsoft campus for the MVP Summit. I also got to meet a bunch of [people from the community]."
- Jim Perry, XNA MVP

"My childhood dream was to own a toy factory. That is why I chose to study Electronics. Little did I know that such dream was a long shot, specially with this economy that only got worse with every decade. However, thanks to XNA, I ended up producing video games for the best commercial console of its time, so, in a way, my childhood dream came true. It was quite an unexpected experience as I have very little knowledge in computers, no experience in the field, no time whatsoever (my kid is playing rep hockey) and absolute no money to invest, and yet I was able to publish a few games. All that because of how well designed, intuitive and easy-to-use XNA was. The best part is that, thanks to Microsoft, I'm able to move forward using my very own game engine, making a footprint in today's newest technologies."
- Tarh Ik, developer

"XNA / XBLIG lead to me getting a job in the games industry. Three and a half years ago I was recruited by TickTock Games, primarily for my C# experience. I worked on a PlayStation Mobile game for a few months but ultimately it never got released. I've since worked on games for Android, iOS, Steam, Mac, and consoles, having shipped over a dozen SKUs across all these platforms."
- Martin Caine, Retroburn Games

"I was made an MVP 2009-2013, that was pretty cool :)"
- Charles Humphrey, XNA MVP

"XBLIG was one of the key factors that lead me to the decision of starting Nine Dots Studio. Our pilot project was Brand, released on XBLIG in 2012. We learned so much through that experience. That project helped me build my team and my network. It allowed me to experiment with marketing, with hardware limitations, with the whole development cycle. We've built a backbone solid enough to carry on to this day, 5 years later. After Brand and GoD Factory: Wingmen, I'm currently in the process of growing my company to make the kind of game I only dared to dream I'd be making one day: an open world RPG. The cherry on top is that it's already approved to be released on Xbox One, proving that our console roots are still quite there. In other words: XBLIG played an important role in fulfilling my greatest dreams."
- Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, Nine Dots Studio

"I owe so much to XNA for making my dreams come true, even dreams I never knew existed, became possible with this platform. Thanks to the MVPs and creators who set a good example and succeeded with dignity and pride."
- Will O'Reagan, developer

"Ever since I was young, I always wanted to make video games. I played with a few tools and technologies to meet those means but nothing ever really stuck. When I discovered XNA and then XBLIG, it just made sense. It was a great platform surrounded by a great community. I’ve learned so much and met so many great people through XBLIG. I’ll always be grateful to XBLIG for really kicking off my game development journey. "
- Kris Steele, Fun Infused Games

"XNA was life changing for me. It's strange to think that a technology, especially a game framework, had such an impact on someone but it really did leave its mark on me (both literally with my XNA tattoo and figuratively!). Through XNA I accomplished so incredibly much. I helped co-write a book, I wrote several magazine articles, I was interviewed and quoted in game magazines, I was on podcasts, I got paid to write How-To articles (although sadly they never saw the light of day) and I spoke at a variety of code camps and user groups. I gained confidence as a coder and in my career. I checked multiple items off my life goals list. I released a game (and made a little money from it!). I had my name listed in the credits of games. I answered questions and I helped people. I felt useful! I could have gained all that I've mentioned so far and that would feel like a lot, but I haven't even touched on what impacted me the most, the community.

You can't really talk about XNA and XBLIG without touching on the community. It was something special. After it was announced that XNA and XBLIG was no longer going to be continuing, the loss of that community is what has impacted me the most. The people involved were passionate, helpful, inspiring, driven and just all around a great group. I really felt honored to have been involved in that community and to have played a small role. It's sad to see the final chapter closing as XBLIG winds down, but I'm proud of what that community accomplished with the games they made, the content they created and the lives they changed during the time it was active and alive. Maybe now people can see a little into why I love my XNA tattoo so much. It's something I treasure and cherish and has so much meaning for me. Reminds me of a turning point in my life and I smile at every time I see it.

Thanks for all the memories XNA and XBLIG!"
- George Clingerman, XNA MVP

"I'm not sure there's too many communities where someone could show up with a blog saying "you know, most of the stuff these guys are churning out is kind of shitty" and not get their house burned down. Not only did that not happen (a few windows knocked out, dog feces stuffed in my mailbox, nothing major) but the XBLIG development community embraced me. I became more popular than a writer focused on Xbox Live Indie Games had any right to be. That was what the XBLIG development community did for me. I was never a developer, but I was still welcomed as if I were one. For that, I owe a debt that can't be paid. XBLIG changed my life. It changed many of our lives.

And while there was a lot of really bad games on XBLIG, there were just enough really wonderful games to make it all worth it. I wish for nothing more than for XBLIG's legacy to be that. Amazing efforts and limitless potential that is still being realized today. I also wish we could properly convey just how close we were as a community. It was a community that fostered growth. I'm proud of where I'm at as a writer and game critic today, but there were bumps along the road. I believe having a close community where I also had direct access to feedback helped me grow as a writer, just as many XBLIG developers grew as creators of games.

It was just us, trying to make names for ourselves. It could be demoralizing sometimes. I still feel the heartbreak of hearing that an awesome game sold under 1,000 units. That's a story that was far too common. It was unjust. Some very talented creators became demoralized to the point that they quit making games. But others still persevered. Their games are now being enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of gamers across the world. Finally, at long last, many XBLIG devs are being recognized for the artists that they are.

While we've begun to drift apart, we'll all carry XBLIG's legacy with us. I know that when I see an amazing game on Steam, PlayStation Network, Nintendo eShop, or the new Xbox Marketplace from a developer who cut his or her teeth on XBLIG, I always smile with pride. Such a game's existence is monument to what we all accomplished as a community. Now, we've come full circle, as XBLIG developers of yesterday are releasing titles onto global marketplaces that are inspiring the next generation of dreamers. It's a final, fitting twist of fate: our little community that was unappreciated and under-promoted has left a lasting legacy on gaming that will be felt for years to come. In that sense, we over-achieved. For those of us that lived and breathed XBLIG, that shouldn't have surprised any of us."
- Cathy Vice, aka Indie Gamer Chick

"Although I appreciate XNA on a technical side -- being the best game making API I have ever used -- what I really appreciate is all the friends I have made plus the introduction it gave me to the console gaming industry. I was finally able to make an Xbox game. How cool is that? And now I am making PlayStation games too. Perhaps, someday, this ability will be under-appreciated, but I will never forget what it meant to me. It is the reason Xona Games exists and the reason I am in the gaming industry, a place I wanted to be all my life. XNA, I am still one of your biggest fans."
- Matthew Doucette, Xona Games

"There are walls in our lives between 'what we are' and 'what we want to be'. We can choose to scale the walls, or we can learn to live with them and walk in another direction. I wanted to be a game developer, but that particular wall seemed insurmountable. The first time I deployed my game to my Xbox 360, however, was the day that the wall exploded, and on the other side was infinite possibility. XNA was my dynamite."
- Ben Cook, Well Bred Rhino

"XBLIG was a truly life changing experience for me, my family and the people close to me. All of us were people that had full careers in the AAA industry, we went from just working on games to truly making games. It was by far the most pivotal time period in my entire life."
- DigitalDNA Games

"#becauseofXNA indie game dev is my full time job, and has been for over two years."
- Ben Kane, developer

"#becauseofxna I released games, ran business, did blog/mag/radio interviews, spoke at conferences & worked in games for my childhood heroes."
- Deejay, BinaryTweed

"#BecauseofXNA I've gone to Germany, became an MVP, spoke at GDC, helped sell thousands of titles through an indie promo and made a game."
- Dave Voyles, Microsoft Tech Evangelist

"Most of the time when you post something on the internet, everyone tells you how much it sucks. When I published my first game to XBLIG I had a bunch of people say what I was doing was great. What a great bunch of men and women in the XBLIG community."
- Chris Zukowski, developer

"The biggest thing I will take away from XBLIG is the community as a whole; the gamers, the developers, the writers that wrote about it. All of the fantastic people I've met that I never would have if not for XBLIG."
- Tim Hurley, The XBLIG

"I will always have fond memories of the XBLIG time in my career. Because financial success was virtually impossible, there was no pressure to make something a big hit, and I could just make something I found fun. I'm proud of Soulcaster and Escape Goat as contributions to the world of video games."
- Ian Stocker, MagicalTimeBean

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